December 03, 2013

Watch 'Fan Into a Flame - The Young Mercy Leaders' Pilgrimage'

Describing the experience of four wonderful days, spent with a group of enthusiastic young people from all over the world, while the sun shines brightly in the Dublin sky is a tall order! How can you properly express the fun, the lessons learned, the friendships made, the parting of knowledge, and the sharing of experiences?

A newly released video has done just that! By capturing the experiences, thoughts and feelings of the participants, teachers, presenters and organisers, Mercy International Association is delighted to present the wonderful video, ‘Fan into a Flame – The Young Mercy Leaders' Pilgrimage’

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‘Fan Into a Flame’ was filmed during the Young Mercy Leaders Pilgrimage, held in Baggot Street in August 2013. During the Mercy International Association’s Young Mercy Leaders' Pilgrimage, over 100 young people from Mayo to Belize and Melbourne to New Jersey, gathered in Dublin to undertake a journey of self-discovery and of leadership, inspired by Catherine McAuley, foundress of the Sisters of Mercy. Through presentations, discussions, reflection and prayer, students engaged the history and charism of Mercy, and returned to their ordinary lives better equipped to be Mercy leaders in our schools and in our world.

Since 2011, when the very first Young Mercy Leaders' Pilgrimage was held, young people from all around the world have gathered in Catherine's home in Baggot Street for this once in a lifetime experience. Subsequent Young Mercy Leaders Pilgrimages have separated the age groups and Mercy International Association now offers this pilgrimage to secondary school students every odd year (2013, 2015, etc.) and to university school students and young adults every even year (2014, 2016, etc.)

In 2014, Mercy International Association will hold this wonderful leadership pilgrimage for University students and young adults. The 2014 Young Mercy Leaders' Pilgrimage for University students and young adults will run from Tuesday, 5 August to Friday, 8 August 2014. Group registrations are welcome up to Good Friday, 18 April 2014. Individuals can register through June 2014. Find out more about the 2014 Young Mercy Leaders Pilgrimage.

In 2015, the Young Mercy Leaders' Pilgrimage for secondary school students will run from Tuesday 14 July to Friday, 17 July 2015. Group pre-registrations are now open!

'Fan Into a Flame – The Young Mercy Leaders' Pilgrimage' gives a wonderful flavour of the experience, fun and the journey that our young leaders journey through during their time at Baggot Street. Our thanks to videographer and producer Phil Mullally and Veritas for their wonderful contribution!

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