September 04, 2018

Watch: Video on Some of the Features and Functionality of the New MIA Website

Editor: In MercyeNews Issue # 785, published on 22 August, we announced that today we would release a short video highlighting some of the features and functionality of the new website —the website of the global Mercy family—  to further prepare you for the changeover on Mercy Day.

Happy viewing!


Mary Reynolds rsm, CEO MIA: 

Welcome to our newly designed Mercy International website which will launch on Mercy Day 2018. We're delighted that this will give us a new way to share our Mercy story and to nurture our Mercy Global Presence and the interconnection of the entire Mercy family.

With its multi-faceted capacities, it will enable us to advocate on behalf of displaced people and to stand with them in our ministries. It will enhance our ways of witnessing to the sacredness of creation and of engaging in activities that promote the well-being of 'our common home', our Earth.

May our website be a means for us of promoting the globalisation of compassion and a recognition of God's mercy, present and active in our world.


The homepage of the new Mercy website provides immediate access to key information from each of the six sections of the website.

In the About section we are introduced to the work carried out in over 40 countries where our Sisters and partners-in-Mercy minister today, and to some of the many ministries which Sisters of Mercy have established in responding to needs in the fields of education, health, care of the environment, spirituality, welfare and other concerns.

The many initiatives that connect the global Mercy family and encourage and nurture the flourishing of the Mercy charism can be accessed here. The Mercy International Reflection Process and Mercy Global Presence are the most significant of these, underpinning our strategic directions for the next five years.

In Our Centre, visitors can take an interactive tour of each floor of Catherine’s House, book into a programme or event and make a purchase from the online shop.

The Catherine section provides an authoritative source of information about Catherine McAuley’s life, the early years of the Congregation and many landmarks of importance in the life of Catherine and the history of the Sisters of Mercy.

The Spirituality section provides opportunities for conversation and reflection on topics that focus on our mission and ministry and what we value.

The spirituality section also includes resources for and opportunities to post a prayer in our new, interactive prayer centre.

It is in the Global Action section that the themes and topics that were the outcome from the Mercy International Reflection Process can be accessed. MIA News, Member News and past issues of MercyeNews can be accessed in the centralised newsroom.

A library of resources and bibliography is now included in the website. This allows you to search all published books, articles and multimedia productions by or about the Sisters of Mercy since the founding of the Congregation in 1831.

We invite you to explore and enjoy our new website, To be informed and enriched by the content, Strengthened by the interactions with one another and Supported in your commitment to our shared mission.

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