March 19, 2019

Water Focus at Mercy Centre for Ecology and Justice

Water has been a particular focus at the Mercy Centre for Ecology and Justice as we acknowledge the sacredness of water and become ever more conscious of the effects of climate change with the daily reminders of our unusual weather patterns. Our attention has been centred mainly on rivers and ponds and the issue of plastic in the ocean and on the prospect of establishing Blue Communities. We have sponsored Water Walks around local ponds to draw attention to these bodies of water

We have conducted some research on headwaters and rivers in or near our city which have been rerouted or filled in to allow for the construction of hospitals, roads, shopping malls, or other industrial projects. It has been difficult to trace the original path of some of these small rivers since they are not identified on older maps. It is interesting to note, however, that in our research we have again found indications that water does have memory as flooding on a small scale often occurs close to buildings where, according to older folks, these rivers once ran.

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