April 18, 2019

Way of the Cross: Meditations Written by Sr Eugenia Bonetti

'This year, Pope Francis asked a woman, Sr. Eugenia Bonetti, to write the meditations for the Way of the Cross he will pray at Rome's Colosseum on Good Friday.

She spoke to Vatican press two days before the ceremony. Sr. Eugenia Bonetti is a Consolate nun and the President of the association, “Slaves No More,” which helps women and fights against human trafficking. The meditations will thus focus around this theme. 

“The great dream I have in my heart, what I truly hope is that this Way of the Cross at the Colosseum, a place of so much suffering from the past, becomes the place that welcomes the ever-many sufferings of the present. The suffering by these women, of these minors. Those without a face, without a name, who are only used and thrown out."

She says having the opportunity to live and pray all together for the current “passion” and pain of the time, the suffering of these women is the point. 

“The meditations will be short but significant accounts of heartfelt prayer we have received from these women. We would like to share them with our world, while gathered around the cross of Christ, who still is dying today, out in our streets.”'

Source: Rome Reports

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