March 03, 2009

What Difference does MIA Make?

By providing a means for Mercy people to collaborate beyond their traditional congregational and national boundaries, MIA makes possible new expressions of the spiritual and corporal works of Mercy.

MIA has created a world-renowned place of living history at Mercy International Centre, Baggot Street. More than a museum, more than a place of pilgrimage, Mercy International Centre is a national and international icon of all that is possible when people are in contemplative communication with today’s global environment and society.

Articulating the concerns for a world and people in need, Mercy International Association women look for practical ways for networks, partnerships and spirituality that meet the needs of today’s journey.

By using technological resources made possible by MIA, Mercy people have a means of outreach which is shaping anew local Mercy ministries and increasing collaboration in global projects.

‘We who began were prepared to do whatever was recommended…’(Catherine McAuley to Sister Elizabeth Moore, Limerick, January 13 1839)

Messages to Pat McDermott rsm - Chair Board of Directors

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