February 03, 2009

What Does Mercy International Association Do?

‘It is Mercy’s divine face that was Catherine’s real inspiration; it is still her greatest legacy.’ (Denis Horton. New Zealand. May 2008)

With a felt need to be Mercy in a global way at the turn of the millennium, Mercy people were inspired to return to the first House of Mercy in Dublin. Becoming Mercy International Centre, the house built by Catherine McAuley has been transformed into a place of pilgrimage, heritage and hospitality. At this Centre the fire of the Mercy charism is re-ignited, Catherine is met anew, and courage is found to return home with new energy for the works of mercy.

Beyond Baggot Street, the virtual Mercy community gives a contemporary expression of mercy alive on www.mercyworld.org, the Association’s website. It provides a voice for those in need, and for those who choose to address the challenge of the millennium development goals – today’s global expression of the Works of Mercy.

‘We Sisters of Mercy in the twenty-first century are in radical communion beyond all borders. We are grounded in the compassion of God. We are nurtured by the Gospel, and by the story of Catherine McAuley and of Mercy lived and living. Aware of our own brokenness, we join with others in healing the wounds of Earth and Earth’s peoples.’ (International Mercy Research Conference Statement 2007).

‘The plan from the beginning was such as is now in practice…’ Catherine McAuley to Sister Elizabeth Moore, Limerick, January 13 1839)

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