September 17, 2014

When to Watch the Live or Archived Video Streams of the Anniversary Events

A reminder that all main events except for the Mercy Day Mass are being livestreamed. The timing of each event can be found here in the programme.

Watching Live

Livestreams will commence 15 minutes prior to the event starting. This is to enable viewers to ensure your picture and sound are working well and to give you time to make any necessary adjustments to enhance your viewing experience. We suggest you log on 10-15 minutes before the starting time of the event so you are ready to participate at home. Once you have logged on do stay online.The first 15 minutes of streaming will simply show the congregation gathering. If you can see and hear the assembling then you know you will be able to view the livestream.

Watching the Archived Video Streams

The archived streams will remain online and will be able to be watched at a time that suits you (on demand viewing)

Watching the Mercy Day Mass

The Mercy Day Mass is not being streamed live as there is no internet access in the Haddington Road church. The video of the Mass will be uploaded onto the website as soon as the celebration is concluded. We anticipate that the Mass will be online early evening. Watch for notification of this on the website.


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