September 05, 2019

Where in Earth is God

White Island, Aotearoa New Zealand

Neil Darragh discusses why our images of God need to change as we grow in awareness of our relationships and responsibilities in Earth.

It has taken me several decades to recognise the truth of the old theological saying that all our images of God are more wrong than right. Our minds and hearts are just not smart enough to absorb any more than little glimpses of what God means. We need to be continually discarding old, dysfunctional ways of thinking about God and discovering new, more creative ones. Alternatively, our images of God just fade away from sheer dullness. Some of our images are just leftovers from childhood. They keep our religion infantile and they are dysfunctional for adult living. But whether our images of God are right, wrong, distorted, or just dull, they do still affect our behaviour. Our images of God have consequences for how we behave...

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Source: Tui Motu Interislands Magazine, September 2019

Used with permission

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