January 12, 2018

World Day of Migrants and Refugees 2018

The theme of Pope Francis’s 2018 Message for World Day of Migrants and Refugees is '“Welcoming, protecting, promoting and integrating migrants and refugees”

In his message for this day celebrated on 14 January, Pope Francis makes clear that one of the principal concerns of his pontificate is the situation of migrants and refugees. He reiterates the call to Catholics and all people of good will expressed in his New Year's Day message 'that “our shared response may be articulated by four verbs: to welcome, to protect, to promote and to integrate”.' He reminds us of the Gospel imperative:'Every stranger who knocks at our door is an opportunity for an encounter with Jesus Christ, who identifies with the welcomed and rejected strangers of every age (Matthew 25:35-43).'

Consider: What stance are you prepared to take?

  • Read and reflect on the Pope's Message for World Day of Migrants and Refugees here
  • Post your prayer in our online chapel
  • Read: Sisters of Mercy of the Americas Condemn President Trump's Racist Remarks here
  • Watch the video of Pope Francis calling for action (2016)

Messages to: Mary Reynolds rsm - Executive Director MIA

Image: UN Photo/Mark Garten
27 March 2016
Al Mafraq, Jordan
Photo # 668951
Flickr. Used with permission. CC2.0

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