June 04, 2018

World Environment Day: Plant or Help Nurture a Tree

Image: © 2018 MIA

Degradation of Earth was a key concern of participants in the Mercy International Reflection Process, with MIRP groups focussing on issues including environmental devastation and sustainable living (MIRP Report p.6). One action to show mercy to our common home is to recognise the importance of trees in urban areas.

Trees are vital to our health, the environment, wildlife, the economy and the future. They sustain and protect us. By  storing carbon, for example, they help mitigate the impacts of climate change. They improve air quality,  provide oxygen, save water, help prevent soil erosion... Simply put, they enhance quality of life for people and the planet.

A reminder this World Environment Day of the invitation from MIA to plant or help nurture a tree wherever you are located as a sign of support for the Great Green Wall and Laudato Tree projects and for our Sisters and co-workers in Africa. Not sure how to plant a tree? Watch this video from the Tree Council of Ireland (02:00).

Messages to: the MIRP Continuation Group - Elizabeth Davis rsmMary Reynolds rsmAnne Walsh

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