Welcome to Catherine's House, the first house of Mercy built by Catherine McAuley in response to the needs of the poor of Dublin. It is home to the Mercy family from all over the world.

Catherine's House is a Centre of Hospitality, Heritage, Pilgrimage and Renewal. It is a Wellspring of inspiration for those who come to continue Catherine's mission with new life.

‘May the blessing of this house - A house imagined in unlikeliness, dreamt with daring, built with love, Founded on Mercy - Speak to your spirit in whatever room in the world you are reading, in whatever place you are called to Mercy.’ (Mary Wickham rsm)

Welcome To Catherine's House

Events and Programmes

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12 Dec 2019

Mercy Foundation Day Celebrations

07 Jan 2019

Mercy Education Pilgrimage 2020

25 May 2020

Ethos Programme 2020

08 Jun 2020

Jesus the Gardener

19 Jun 2020

Ireland Pilgrimage

17 Aug 2020

Mercy Global Presence

14 Sep 2020

Mercy to Earth programme

28 Sep 2020

Ethos programme

25 May 2020

Streams of Mercy

Donors, Benefactors and all who have requested prayers in the prayer spaces on our website, in the Oratory or Book of Intentions in the Chapel, are remembered at Morning Prayer at Mercy International Centre.