We invite you to read through the programmes described below and make a selection from the choices available.

Young Mercy Leaders (Post secondary)

28-31 July 2020

Post secondary/college age students from across the globe visit Mercy International Centre to experience together the riches of the Mercy story before returning to daily life better equipped to be leaders in their world.

Mercy Global Presence

Mon 17 Aug- Fri 21 Aug

A week-long programme to enable participants to gather together to continue to explore Mercy Global Presence as it emerges.

Mercy to Earth programme

Mon 14 Sep-Fri 18 Sep

This programme will give participants an opportunity to gather together and reflect deeply on their understanding of Mercy to Earth. A variety of presenters from around the Mercy world will be invited to share their wisdom in this area.

Mercy Day

Thu 24 Sep 2020

Sisters, Associates and Friends of Mercy are invited to celebrate the opening of the first House of Mercy, Baggot Street, in 1827.
Details to follow

Ethos programme

Mon 28 Sep-Fri 2 Oct

This five-day programme, open to all in the Mercy family, is designed for administrators, directors, staff and board members of Mercy ministries and all who want to depth their experience of the Mercy story: past, present and future.

Foundation Day

Sat 12 Dec 2020

Sisters, Associates and Friends of Mercy are invited to celebrate the foundation of the Sisters of Mercy in 1831.
Details to follow

Mercy Education Pilgrimage 2021

Tue Jan 5 2021 - Sat Jan 9 2021

Focusing on the education tradition within Mercy, participants will have an opportunity to deepen their connection to the Mercy story. They will explore Catherine's story and her approach to leadership in the context of living Mercy today.
Details to follow

Ireland Pilgrimage 2021

Mon 14 Jun - Wed 23 Jun 2021

A guided pilgrimage journey exploring some of the ancient Celtic sites, the beautiful Irish landscape and many of the early Mercy foundations in Ireland.
Details to come