Mercy Education Pilgrimage 2020

Tue 5 Jan - Sat 9 Jan 2021

Maximum places: 20

Focusing on the education tradition within Mercy, participants will have an opportunity to deepen their connection to the Mercy story. They will explore Catherine's story and her approach to leadership in the context of living Mercy today.

Cost: €620 (Residential) - €410 (Non-Residential)

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Read about the 2020 programme

Ten participants involved in education in Mercy ministries from New Zealand, Australia, the Philippines and the United States commenced their year with a five-day programme at Mercy International Centre.

The first half of the week focused on the beginnings of Mercy and included a visit to Coolock where participants undertook a little needlework and considered the impact that Catherine had in teaching the women/girls of the area to sew…

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Read about the 2019 programme

Eight educators from the United States and Australia came together from the 7th – 11th January for the first programme of the year. Immersing themselves in Catherine’s story, focussing on the educational dimension, why Catherine thought education was so important, the types of schools the early Sisters established, personal leadership, and using some of Catherine’s stories to identify a Mercy response to the issue of bullying, were just some of the topics covered by the group during the week.

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