Virtual Mercy Week Event

Mon 20 Sep- Fri 24 Sep 2021. Online

Maximum places: 300

As we move into the third century of living mercy in the spirit of Catherine, MIA seeks to gather the inspirations and energies of the Mercy world. Are you curious about how Catherine’s energy is alive in the world today? What Mercy’s future might be? Are you open to engaging in generative conversations for exploring what is wanting to emerge?  

Mercy International Association invites all passionate individuals who feel called to imagine future possibilities on a journey of emergence. This four-day process will be an opportunity to engage in intentional dialogue as we envision the third century of Mercy. 

Dates and Times: 

MIA’s Generative Conversation will be hosted for six sessions from Monday, 20 September through Thursday, 23 September. Each of the sessions will be interconnected. A commitment to all six sessions is necessary for participants to truly experience this programme.

The programme is designed to accommodate as many time zones as possible. MIA will host an opening session on Monday, two sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday, and a concluding session on Thursday. All participants are invited to attend virtual Mercy Day mass on Friday. The times in Dublin are as follows: 

Session 1: Monday, Sept 20 10pm - 12:30am  (Dublin Time)

Session 2: Tuesday, Sept 21 12pm - 2:30pm (Dublin Time)

Session 3: Tuesday, Sept 21 10pm-12:30am (Dublin Time)

Session 4: Wednesday, Sept 22 12pm - 2:30pm (Dublin Time)

Session 5: Wednesday, Sept 22 10pm-12:30am (Dublin Time)

Session 6: Thursday, Sept 23 12pm - 2:30pm (Dublin Time)

Mercy Day Mass: Friday, Sept 24 12pm (Dublin Time) virtual. 

*10pm Dublin is...2pm San Francisco, 5pm NYC, 5am Perth & Manilla, 7am Sydney,  9am Auckland, 12am Kenya

*12pm (noon) Dublin is...4am San Francisco, 7am NYC, 7pm Perth& Manilla, 9pm Sydney, 11pm Auckland, 2pm Kenya

Speakers and Themes:

The theme of this programme is Opening Doors to an Emerging Future. The logo for the event is featured above. Those in our Mercy community are encouraged to use this theme and logo for their Mercy day/week events! More information can be found here

This event is hosted by: 

MIA’s Executive Team is proud to host this event to gather our Mercy world in a generative dialogue. Berneice Loch, CEO, Angela Reed, Head of Mercy Global Action, and Elizabeth MacNeal, Head of Heritage and Spirituality, have heard the voices of so many across our Mercy community who seek to explore what is emerging for our future. To honor these voices and MIA’s vision statement, the Executive Team will host a generative conversation to gather the inspiration and energies of our Mercy world. 

The event will be facilitated by: Lorraine Ste-Marie

Lorraine Ste-Marie is Director and professor in the Providence School of Transformative Leadership and Spirituality at Saint Paul University in Ottawa, Canada. As a practical theologian, Lorraine’s research and teaching bring together resources from a number of disciplines in both human sciences and theology in her search for strengthening ways to cultivate hospitable learning environments and develop transformative leadership capacity. Alongside her academic education, she is trained in process developmental coaching, immunity-to-change mapping, conflict resolution, spiritual accompaniment and in the design and facilitation of Theory U/Presencing. She also serves as resource person and facilitator in the areas of change processes, community development, and transformative leadership. 

Speakers for this event include: 

Joan Chittister OSB has accepted an invitation to contribute to MIA's Generative Conversation. Joan will participant in session two of this event. 

An international panel of Mercy experts will participate in session four. Biographies for panelists will be presented at the event. 

Registration for this event is now full. Questions about the programme can be sent to

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