Good Reading: People and Deep Social Change
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A Changing World

20 big ways the world has changed since 1999: Jessica Booth

Published in Insider, 4 January 2019

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Social Media

Leaderless rebellion: how social media enables global protests: Gideon Rachman, Benedict Mander, Daniel Dombey, Sue-Lin Wong, Heba Saleh

Published in the Financial Times, 26 October 2019

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We live in a world of upheaval. So why aren’t today’s protests leading to revolutions? Peter McPhee

Published in The Conversation, 21 November 2019

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About 41% of the global population are under 24. And they’re angry… Simon Tisdall

Published in The Guardian. 27 October 2019

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Around the world, young people have played a crucial role in a multitude of social and political movements. Learn the historical precedence of youth activism and the factors that drive young people to become important advocates for change.

Uploaded by National Geographic, 1 April 2018

How Many People Does it Take to Start a Revolution?: Damon Centola

Uploaded by Annenberg School for Communication, 7 June 2018

Research Finds Tippling Point for Large-scale Social Change

Effective Altruism

Of all the problems facing humanity, which should we focus on solving first? In a compelling talk about how to make the world better, moral philosopher Will MacAskill provides a framework for answering this question based on the philosophy of "effective altruism" -- and shares ideas for taking on three pressing global issues.


Worldometers provides real time world statistics on population, the environment, food, health and media and society.

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The politics of fear: How it manipulates us to tribalism: Arash Javanbakht
Published in The Converation, 19 March 2019
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A New Report Offers Insights Into Tribalism in the Age of Truump: George Packer

Published in The New Yorker, 12 October 2018

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Tribalism is blighting Australia: Craig Emerson

Published in the Financial Review, 18 November 2019

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Vision for the Future

Politics and Economics to Focus on Empathy, Kindness and Well-Being: Jacinda Ardern

Published by the World Economic Forum, 24 June 2019

What if we get things right? Visions for 2030: Multiple authors

Published on the World Economic Forum website, 29 October 2019

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President Macron promotes multilateral solutions for global problems at Paris Peace Forum

Published by France 24 English, 12 November 2019

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